Hey, I’m Amanda Griffith

I passionately help others by creating user friendly and accessible designs.


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UX/UI in Gaming

September – October 2022

Shaped Minecraft Dungeon's current user experience by creating player profiles, user stories, paper prototypes, flow charts, wireframes, UI mockups, and conducting usability tests. Taught by Ivy Sang, UX/UI Partner Lead from Bungie and Electronic Arts, previously led projects for FIFA, NHL, UFC, Battlefield and Dragon Age.


March 2022–June 2022

From various UX roles to accessible design, I got to learn from UX professionals and hear them speak about topics such as content strategy, accessibility, UX roles, agile teams, and how to properly present designs.

B.F.A in UXD


Art History and Psychology Minors


3rd Place

February 2022

My team and I designed “Readeasy”, an app that gives high school and middle school students the ability to access their school’s banned books and the tools necessary to fight for their education.

It was for UC Invine's 48 hour designathon. It was hectic, but I had a blast working with my team.

New Talent Nomination

Summer 2021

It was a team effort to make “Steps for Change”, a website that not only serves as a place for victims of sexual harassment to find therapy and talk to others, but also as a place where advocates can find resources to take action. Even the offenders of sexual harassment can utilize training and other educational resources to better themselves.


UI/UX Design - You X Webflow Template

UI / UX Design

I enjoy having my designs led by people who, in the end, will use them! Research and usable design go hand in hand, so I operate a people-oriented approach.

Product Design - You X Webflow Template


This is my favorite part of the design process, because collaborating with other members of a UX team, clients, and users is insightful and I have fun doing it.


What would the point be if a UX professional did not feel empathy? I try to really get in the shoes of the people I'm helping.

Web Design - You X Webflow Template


From vector to hand drawn, I have experience making icons and illustrations on most of the projects I have done.


  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Affinity Designer
  • Blender
  • Figma
  • Miro
  • Procreate
  • Unity
  • Webflow